The occupation journalist or press photographer was always easy to access. The spectrum of journalistic activities is constantly undergoing change and members do not underestimate the career orientated services of the EPF. If you want to expand your activities as a member of the press then you will discover that the EPF is a competent partner. The alternative: Not only media professionals are members of EPF, but also newcomers or specialists from other sectors, because the EPF naturally also supports those people who also work part-time.

 European Press Federation

1. Who can become a member of EPF?

The requirement is your journalistic activity (no matter whether it is full or part-time), which you need to confirm during application (cf. registration).

2. Who gets a press card?

Individuals working in journalism are entitled to membership cards. To approve membership, the EPF requires applicants to furnish proof of their journalistic work. The following are examples of what is accepted as proof:

• Current invoices for journalistic work
• Full-time job as a journalist or media worker
• Editing contract or a certificate from the publisher or agency
• Submission of a publication from the last six months
• Proof of publication or naming in the imprint
• Employee in the tourist trade or spokesperson
• Copies of other recognized press cards
• Assessed by the tax authorities as working in journalism
• PR work (societies or clubs/companies/authorities)


3. Why is a press card needed?

A press card authorises the holder as an official representative of the press. The pursuance
of a journalistic activity is made easier by the possession of a press card.

4. Who issues the press card?

The internationally valid press card is issued by the association European Press Federation.

Validity, membership fees and services

Press cards are valid for the calendar year printed on the card and will be reissued each year. There is a difference between standard and premium membership which include different services according to status. Here are the details:

Advantages that the members of EPF appreciate:

• No overly expensive membership fees! No extra cost for the press sign for vehicles.
• EPF members receive considerable services for a reasonable price.
• No discriminating disclosure of income or occupational activities.
• Unbureaucratic, transparent and swift processing.
• No proof of occupation necessary. Working as a journalist is sufficient.
• Guaranteed services: EPF support, service and member login.