Journalists are often described as the fourth estate of democracy. However, the traditional field of journalism is changing. Result: First) The classical roll of this career is fading away as new, and as yet unknown information channels are being created by new mediums. Second) The qualitative features of good journalistic work often play a secondary roll. In order to prevent the continuation of this development, the EPF provides its members with valuable, career orientated information. By means of concrete operative directions, a journalist can carry out his activities more efficiently and therefore more successfully in the face of competition.

Exclusive insider information:

The info CD 'perfect publications' worth 30 Euros is given to all EPF premium members free or charge.

• Career environment and media sector
• Self marketing and promotion
• Insider tips
• Research tools
• Chances as a content provider
• Helpful software providers
• Successful press work
• Your own publishing company
• Research efficiently
• Use of your press sign for vehicles
• Checklists
• and much much more

Know-how for budding press professionals:

Furthermore you receive tips about the creation of an (indispensable) journalistic corporate identity. By doing this you can ensure professional and sometimes free entries into press and media directories. In a compact manner you will be shown how you can work successfully as a journalist and acquire new income sources in a short period of time using special techniques and checklists. Because only when you are really “good” can you take a foothold in this business – and stay there.